How Web Designers Can ‘Get Their Foot In The Door’

Regardless of whether you’re still studying or you have recently graduated, young and novice web designers often struggle to get their foot in the door and find someone who is willing to give them, inexperienced as they are, a chance. It is important to understand that taking this first leap into the professional world involved initiative, patience and even some wisdom – we have compiled this list of ways that young designers can get some experience or make themselves stand out to the people who could be hiring them.

Network at conferences and other events

Make sure that you attend design conferences and professional events that will give you the opportunity to converse with a range of people in the industry. You will meet a range of people whom you can add to your professional contact list (such as other web designers, developers and business owners) and you never know, one of them might be helpful in getting you hired one day.

Follow up using social media

Once you meet someone involved with the industry, make sure that you follow up by searching for them on a social networking platform (the best one to use is LinkedIn, as many professionals will have profiles on this popular site). Before you contact this person again, however, think about how they might prefer to be contacted – would they like an email over a friend request or connection?

Seek out a mentor in your field

The assistance of a mentor is actually a fantastic way that you can work towards learning the ropes – they will teach you a range of things, such as how much to charge for your work, the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a freelancer, how to present your portfolio, and so on. Keep in mind that having a mentor is actually a relationship – help them out and they will be more than happy to do the same for you.

Undertake some pro-bono work

Offering to do some pro-bono work will not only help out a cause that could not otherwise afford your services, it will actually help to build up your portfolio. Before you agree to doing the project, however, make sure that you have enough time to actually make this commitment and that you are financially able to take it on, otherwise you might have to pull out at the last minute, and this is not professional at all.

Get your work or portfolio reviewed

Many people do not realize how sharing their work or portfolio with a seasoned web designer could be beneficial to their career. You should always look for constructive criticism, as this allows you the opportunity to improve your future work and to look for new ways of achieving the briefs you have been given. Don’t just show your work to people whom you know will praise you.

As you can see, there are actually a number of ways that a novice web designer is able to get their foot in the door in this day and age – all you need is a bit of creative thinking and a commitment to succeeding in the industry. If you are still unable to find a job, even after taking on each of the above points, you should not give up – the economy isn’t great at the moment and, as such, many people simply are not hiring or looking for a website. Just stay positive and know that the industry will improve in the coming months.

Web Design – An Important Aspect of Web Development

The target of all web sites is to reach as many viewers as it can. Those who seek some particular information visit the related web site or web sites; so these sites contain useful information that satisfies the curiosity of the viewers or provides them with the requisite facts. The web sites are developed by web developers who are proficient in different computer languages. Web design is a part of web development.

Before designing and developing content for a particular web site, the web developers need to understand the requirements of the clients. A good web designer converges with his/her focus on the distinctive features that a particular web site offers to its users. A web site can offer products or services or both to the clients. In that case, the web design should be such that every single product or service or both should be highlighted individually. The web designer has to make certain that the web page he has designed is unique in its own way and able to draw more viewers.

I would suggest, whenever you are going to start your own website in this case always take help from a reliable website designing company because they can give you better options and result in your all expects. The main benefits while out source your web development projects to a web development company that, they have experienced web developers & web designers to make a website user friendly. Nowadays some software development companies are giving extra advantage with website designing & development projects, to promote client websites through S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that is very much fruitful to promote your website within the search engines.

Web designing requires proficiency in English language because most of the web site contents are created in English. The fundamental reason for creating web site content in English is that it is the most common communicative language spoken and read all over the world. The web developers or designers must have the knowledge in computer graphics. This knowledge is essential for making the web pages attractive to the viewers.

The people who have a penchant for computers can undergo specific training, which will help them to be good web designers. This profession is challenging as well as demanding and requires a lot of hard work. The tenacious persons who are creative and love challenges and are ready to accept and adapt changes can go for web design career.

A web design built by written content and pictures. Leading ingoing a website, the primary page we can see in the home page. At this point, a welcome note, words or nation choice, otherwise provision can be examined. The other pages should be hyper linked through which diverts the client to the proposed page.

When a web site design is completed, it will then be uploaded to the internet for it to be seen by the deliberate clients or spectator. When it’s published, the website administrator or owner applies unusual technique to enlarge the traffic on the website.

When Graphic Design Takes Over Web Design

A website that is pleasing to the eyes and gives superior user experience is a dream of every business owner, who wants a strong online presence. Irrespective of the nature of the business, a professional website must have all the elements integrated together- web design & development, graphic design, copywriting and search engine optimisation. However, what happens when a designer gives preference to the aesthetics more than the technical aspect of a web design? The answer is simple- you get a beautiful website that attracts the traffic, but fails to convert them due to lack of usability.

While we cannot say that a website can survive without a good graphic design if its web design is superior, the fact remains that too much of anything can be bad for your site. Graphic design is an older concept than web design, and it is mostly used for prints. However, since the dominance of Internet and its use for business marketing and advertising, graphic design eventually made inroads into the domain of website design as well.

The significance of graphic design in a website is for all to see, but it should never take precedence over the actual website design because a good looking website would be of no use if it cannot convert the visitors. While graphic can be used anywhere in the website, one should try to restrict its use at some pre-defined areas only. Discussed below are the places where graphic design can complement a web design-

Footers and headers- Whether it is the home page or any other web page of the site, unique graphics on the footers and headers can add a new edge to the site, making it more defined and supporting the web design. Depending on the nature or the theme of the website, you can use imagery and other features to make it more interactive and user-friendly.

Page titles/headings- Although you can simply have a simple text title on top of every web page, the visual experience of the users can be enhanced with the help of a graphically designed title that has some clip art or illustration as well.

Background images- When using background images it is important to ensure that they do not take away the focus from the content on the web page. The background colours should highlight the textual content and make it more readable.

Flash- This is the most controversial element used in web design and graphic design. While many people believe that it is unnecessary to have too much Flash on a website as it increasing the loading time, there are many successful websites that are based on Flash (example-YouTube). It depends on the kind of website and its purpose when using Flash. Thus, one should use it only when and where it is necessary.

Keeping these points in your mind, would help you in getting the graphic design that complements the web design, instead of dominating it.

A Business Web Design Needs to Be Great to Stand Out Among the Competition

Three things a business owner should generally avoid doing, unless they’re a graphic artist or a copywriter, are designing their own website, writing their own marketing copy, or designing their own brochures. As with any professional skill, good writers and graphic designers develop their craft through years of training and practice. Whenever a business owner (or someone they designate) ventures outside their realm of expertise and takes a stab at a copywriting or graphic design project, their lack of experience usually shows.

Website design is no exception; and today, Internet users are much more attuned to the difference between a professional-looking website and an amateurish one. It’s true that not all small business owners need to hire professional website designers, especially those that are content with staying small. Sometimes a simple online brochure created on an easy-to-use template will do the job. The downside, however, is that a website that’s thrown together conveys a message of cutting corners and sacrificing quality, which doesn’t reflect very well on the business it represents.

Is Great Web Design a Realistic Goal?

Businesses that need to project an image of quality, expertise, or trustworthiness usually need to have a web design that reflects those qualities. That’s where professional website designers come in, because they know how to select and combine images, fonts, and navigational functions that will make a company website impressive to look at and easy to navigate.

Great web design, which is attainable by virtually any talented web designer, makes an indelible impression on existing and potential clients of a business. In the same way that the appearance of a store, professional office, or restaurant makes you want to go in — or avoid the place entirely — a business web site can have a similar effect.

When a website is aesthetically pleasing, informative, and well organized, it increases the probability that site visitors will explore the site, learn more about its products and services, and be more inclined to become new or repeat customers.

One of the reasons that the services of a talented web designer/developer are often necessary for a small business is that the business climate is so competitive. All things being equal, a great web design could be a contributing factor to a local building contractor, a law firm, a catering business, or a chiropractic office gaining market share. Granted, there may be other factors in place, such as an effective social media marketing program, a public relations campaign, or just a better method of generating leads, but great web design is often one of the building blocks of success.

Why does it matter to have a professionally designed website that stands out among the crowd? It’s because of the same reasons that sales letters, television ads, and other forms of traditional marketing need to catch and hold the public’s attention: people are bored with sameness and mediocrity. By hiring an affordable small business website designer who knows his or her stuff, you can create an impressive 24/7 advertisement of your business that can answer questions, provide useful information, and promote your products and services.

Whether or not you believe that perception is everything in attracting and retaining customers, having a professionally designed website does create and project a clear image of quality, high standards, and being attuned to the latest technologies, strategies, and techniques. To a lot of potential clients and customers, that can make all the difference.

Multimedia Web Design Enhances the Web Experience

A good multimedia web design can make a drab, one-dimensional web site happening. Multimedia development is the integration of multiple forms of media such mean text, graphics, audio, photo images, animation, full motion video, data, etc.

When all these components play together like a symphony, the outcome is very interesting and attractive. When such elements are incorporated in a website design, the site becomes interactive and appealing . But interactive multimedia development is quite complex, so the job needs a proper planning and a highly qualified team of experienced people each with a special skill set.

Depending on the objective and the message that you would want to convey to your targeted audiences, you need to select the media elements to be used in the Multimedia web Design. While finalizing the things for the multimedia web design keep in mind that you don’t want to distract the visitors from the key message. Here is how you can go about the task of making your web site multimedia enabled.

Make an elaborate plan

Sufficient time should be given to understand the requirements of the multimedia development project. During this stage the aims and objectives of the project must be clear enough to avoid problems at the later stage of development. Also identify the materials and human resource that would be required to accomplish the project on time. And don’t forget to anticipate the difficulties and problems that might arise and prepare remedies for such difficulties. Good planning is essential to the successful outcome of any multimedia development project.


Before implementing an interactive multimedia web design development project it is very important to have a rough estimation about the costs. Keeping in mind the attributes and features to be incorporated in the project, the overall costing could be estimated. More the features, higher would be the price.


In this phase, the designing part begins where the web designers actually give shape to all the ideas and visualizations. Depending on the size of the project, its complexity, and the amount of cutting-edge technology involved, the designing team may need months to accomplish the task. The multimedia web site design differs according to the capabilities of the playback platform. Moreover the overall design is also affected by the software available in the market and its compatibility with various media forms. With the help of multimedia software, the multimedia developer design slide shows, product demonstrations, tutorials, brochures, movies, cartoons, walk-through demonstrations, advertisements, interactive photo albums and more.


For ensuring the quality of the multimedia web design project, testing is must. Here the performance of various elements used in the multimedia development process is tested under different hardware and operating system configurations. During this stage the designer can analyze the loop holes and rectify them.


In multimedia web design, the content of the site is published in two different versions. One version is published strictly with HTML codes without including the rich multimedia features where the users can view the content part. To view the other version, additional download time or a plug-in is required while the viewer can see, hear, and interact with the content exactly as it was intended.

However the success of a multimedia web design depends a lot upon the company you choose to hand over your multimedia development project. So choose well after proper research and due diligence.

Let Your Website Speak All, Hire Web Designers

Who doesn’t want to see his business grow high? Online business is a key to set up a global business. When you are competing at international level, your standard must match with those who are already in the race, in fact better than them. Frankly speaking, marking your presence at such a high degree is very difficult if you are not exceptionally skilled. Moreover, existing in this world of commerce is not just enough. You have to be capable enough to fight with competitors and grab a position ahead.

A website with good appearance makes a great difference when you are showcasing your products and services online. A well designed website with all the appropriate tabs and sections make it easy for customers to understand your ideas, intentions and goals. A Well Designed Website is easy to navigate and quite informative. Hence, it is necessary that you concentrate on the design of the website along with other aspects.

Professional web designers can be a great help to achieve your dream. With booming online business, the role of web designers is getting prominent with each passing day. No wonder website designers put their greatest effort to build website and make it stand out of crowd. Hiring a professional team of web designer on contract is an ideal way to streamline your strategic plan.

Website when designed professionally includes several things to retain the interest of customers from first page to the end. Web designers develop a website aiming to attract targeted audience by making every page informative, relevant, as well as appealing.

Web designers are available on various grounds, like full-time, part-time, monthly or hourly basis. How you make your choice entirely depends on your requirements. Various options in the availability of web developers saves a good amount of money and allows you to move accordingly. However, before you choose any of them ensure that they have earlier records of their projects and works, so that you can have a pretty well idea of their skills and capabilities. Many companies are there, which provide demo for the proposed product or service. For such facility, customers are charged but the fee is very nominal.

Hiring website designers is not difficult as there are several companies which facilitate its customers with cutting-edge solution to design their website in an ultimate way. No matter, if your business is small, medium or large, web designers take care of all your requirements to create highly intuitive websites. To grow your business high, you need not to have an impressive website, but a simple and professional website that could speak all about your company and your product.

How to Reduce Web Design Cost?

Today, every entrepreneur aims to promote and develop its business with the virtuous advantages of Internet that too spending the least amount for the same. But, owning a website can prove burdensome on pockets if some basic points, defined under this article, are not paid due attention. So just go through with these points and know how to cut cost while getting a website designed from the best web designing & development company:

Know Your Needs
Knowing your own needs provides you the basis, on which you can firmly stand and ask confidently for a right kind of web solution from the web designing company. Thus, you should be well aware of:

1. Who is the target audience?
2. What is the purpose you wish to achieve from your website?
3. How much efforts, time and money are you ready to invest?
With clarity of these basics, you will be able to obtain a specific quote from the company; otherwise you may suffer huge outlays on account of an imprecise idea about your requirement.

Read Online Trends
A research done beforehand, especially within your own industry, confers a better understanding of the online trends and is likely to reap higher benefits while getting your own web presence. It empowers you with a clear insight about the must haves in your website and you also get sufficient time to decide on your variegated needs.

Pre-Arrange Material & Content
The specific data you intend to publish on the website, no matter content or images, should be arranged in advance for avoiding the burden of extra costs, during web designing process. The ready images and contents let you cut the costs to a significant level and also let you revel in self-chosen pictures and your preferred texts. The added advantage of pre-arrangement of data is that it saves your precious time and makes your website live before usual time.

Choose the Experts
The conversion of cost into profit can effectively be done, if you focus equally on ‘Cost-Effectiveness’ as well as ‘Experience’ of the web development company. Special care is required to rate the web designing company for its experience and expertise, in order to dig out its potential for the designing and development of your special web project.

Based on experts’ opinion, the above-mentioned points are sure to bring huge cost cutting along with the best outputs from a web designing company. Apart from this, you can also save certain other variable costs using own market expertise.

How to Find the Best-Fit Web Designer

A web designer cannot be everything to everyone. There are so many different kinds of web sites and web applications that to try and have a hand in all of them would be insanity. It would be similar to a general practitioner also doing heart surgery and orthopedics and neonatal care and radiology. Maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point.

In the field of web development there are specialists in e-commerce design and management, flash animation, web video production, database designers, search engine optimization, digital security, internet marketing, and copywriting for the Web, just to name a few. Just like medicine, each area requires an in-depth technical knowledge and years of hands-on training and experience.

And then there are all the computer languages related to web applications. HTML, hypertext markup language, was the first and most basic. Even if you end up working solely through a CMS (content management system) like WordPress it’s still a good idea to know some basics, like how to hyperlink a word or section of text in your content. There are other oft-used languages like CSS (cascading style sheets), XHTML (extensible hypertext markup language), XML (extensible markup language), and PHP(hypertext preprocessor), just for starters. Is your head spinning yet?

The objectives of any website or application determine which platform and languages are best to use. Let’s look at some common reasons for wanting to establish a website on the ‘Net.

Do you just want to have an online version of your brochure? Then working in HTML & Css in a simple code/wysiwyg editor is probably all you’ll need. A big, and expensive, program like Dreamweaver is overkill. There are many absolutely great website builders that are fairly easy to use that are well under $100. Just because a web building program is expensive doesn’t mean it’s all push-button, essentially building your site for you. Just like an expensive car, it doesn’t get you from point A to point B any faster, much less drive you there.

At this point you may be wondering if you’d need a web designer at all if you’re just going to build a simple 3 to 5 page site. Easy website builders like Yahoo SiteBuilder or Intuit’s website builder, in my opinion, will lead you down the primrose path to obscurity. They give you the illusion that web building is a piece of cake. I have yet to see one of these easy web builders offer solid advice on getting your site found in a search. SiteBuildIt! has a much more comprehensive series of tutorials to teach you what really works to building a site that gets found. They offer such sound lessons that they’ve turned their system into a course offered at major universities around the world. To me, that speaks volumes to their credibility.

It comes down to asking what’s your best return on investment for your time. Is you time better spent doing what you do best in YOUR business, or do you want to go straight to a professional to get it done right the first time? Spending time building a website will end up taking away precious time from your core business. “Saving” $500-$1000 by not hiring a pro may turn out to cost you MUCH more in the time it takes away from earning money elsewhere, at something YOU’RE an expert in.

Do you want to start a website for your community newspaper, church, club, etc.? A content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal (yes, there are many more) would be a good choice; straight HTML pages in this environment would be too unwieldy. Once the look and feel of the site is set up by a webmaster then everyday users can log into an administration panel to submit articles and not have to worry one wit about code.

Do you want to sell something? And how many products do you want to sell? Many e-commerce platforms are versions of content management systems. Having just one product, like a digitally downloadable e-book, will be a lot different than setting up and managing a store of a thousand products. And when selling something you’ll have to worry about payment processing, merchant accounts, and encrypted security.

Do you want to start a social networking site? Adding a forum or wiki or blog to your site is one thing, setting up an application like Facebook is a whole different game. A dating site can be seen as a form of social networking, too. Adding password protection and payable memberships add another layer of complexity.

But, knowing your objectives is just the starting point. The next question to ask is “What audience do you want to reach?”. This is where search engine optimization comes in (I’m sure you’ve seen the acronym “SEO” many places by now). Knowing who your target market is will determine the best way to go about building (and promoting) your website.

The field of SEO is an every-growing niche within the field of web design and development. SEO’ers basically try to build or manage a site so that it ends up on page one of an organic Google search. This may sound easy, simple even. But, the broader the topic for your website the harder this will be to accomplish. Optimizing a website for the keyword “shoes” is a LOT harder than optimizing it for “orthopedic diabetic shoes”, just as an example.

And a properly crafted and executed SEO campaign will take a lot of time behind the scenes. This is why effective SEO is so expensive… the time it takes for an individual or team to sit at their computers and manage all the minutae that go into optimizing a website can be mind boggling.

SOME of your time and money can be saved, however, if your website if initially built around an architecture for SEO right off the bat. Doing keyword and market research, and knowing how to build pages that the search engines love will get your site going in the right direction (ie. ranking well in a search) from day one. This is why hiring a web designer that knows the ins and outs of optimization is better if your objective is page one of Google. A pretty, flash animated site that sits on page 3 of a search is as good as invisible.

So, step back and carefully analyze what you really want your website to do. Then look at other sites that are ranking well for your target market. What’s their content like? What’s their layout and design like? Using a tool like SEO Quake (a FireFox addon) will give you an idea of their in-bound links and ranking.

The final question you should ask in hiring a web designer/developer is “Can I effectively communicate with this person?” Just like a doctor with great bedside manner, dealing with a designer that really “gets” you and your business can make a world of difference. Sure, the technical knowledge HAS to be there, but great communication and customer service will make your business relationship a whole lot more pleasant. Do you want a cheap website from an off-shore business that you’ll never hear from again, or someone in your geographic area that you can meet with in person from time to time? There’s a lot to consider before one line of code ever gets written.